CCC 2020: Continuity, Computability, Constructivity – From Logic to Algorithms, Faro (Portugal) or online, August 31 – September 4, 2020

CCC is a workshop series that brings together researchers applying logical methods to the development of algorithms, with a particular focus on computation with infinite data, where issues of continuity, computability and constructivity play major roles. Specific topics include exact real number computation, computable analysis, effective descriptive set theory, constructive analysis, and related areas. The overall aim is to apply logical methods in these disciplines to provide a sound foundation for obtaining exact and provably correct algorithms for computations with real numbers and other continuous data, which are of increasing importance in safety critical applications and scientific computation.

The workshop is planned to take place in Faro, Portugal. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop may take place online. Previous workshops were held in Cologne 2009, Trier 2012, Gregynog 2013, Ljubljana 2014, Kochel 2015, and Nancy 2017, Faro 2018, and Ljubljana 2019.

Invited Speakers

Tutorial Speaker


Extended abstracts (1-2 pages) of original work are welcome. The deadline for submissions is 3 July 2020. Submissions can be made on the following link:

In case the workshop can be held in Faro, but you nevertheless prefer to give an online talk, please let us know!

Programme Committee

  • Matthew deBrecht (Kyoto)
  • Daniel Graça (Faro) (co-chair)
  • Michal Konečný (Aston)
  • Monika Seisenberger (Swansea)
  • Alex Simpson (Ljubljana)
  • Dieter Spreen (Siegen) (co-chair)
  • Holger Thies (Kyushu)
  • Martin Ziegler (Daejeon)

Organizing Committee

  • Daniel Graça (Faro)
  • Dieter Spreen (Siegen)


To be announced.

Programme and local information

  • To be announced.



European Union

University of Algarve

Faculty of Sciences and Technology - University of Algarve

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science